Values we hold dear
Values of the Society
Legal is first and foremost a human enterprise and citizen turned toward consumers and for which we create the best coffees in the world. We attach great importance to the quality of our research gustatory and we are in constant creation of the best possible assemblies attached to the production of high-quality coffee. At the head of our two plants of roasting, men and women are evidence of their skills, their expertise, and their passion for coffee in order to convey to you the best of their know-how.
Our secrets
Our Know-How
at the beginning of the milling, the Meunier puts a tank in the road, it conducts an analysis of the milling and automatically adjusts the millstones. Each origin, Arabica or Robusta, has a specific milling. It does not grind a Arabica as a Robusta, as it does not grind a Arabica Colombia as a Arabica of Brazil. All types of iterations are carried out by our millers, of the large milling at the finest of the Espresso and our mills grind up to 3 tonnes per hour of coffee.

Central laboratory
under the direction of the Director quality, all the functions of the laboratory are centralized in the factory of Bléville. Five professionals are doing a thorough job of control, of measures and analyzes on the prior validation and the process of transformation of the green coffee, up to the tasting of the finished product. This central laboratory, equipped with specific tools to meet the requirements of the consumer, is to HACCP standards.

The Chemistry Laboratory
The Laboratory of chemistry is responsible for controlling the rate of caffeine according to the regulations in force and to ensure the full compliance of green coffee.

Quality `Control
The quality manager has the permanent concern of the quality of the Cafes products in our factories. Create assemblies, define for each variety all the components of the chain of the taste, it is the fundamental step before and after the roasting. It is she who guarantees the permanence of the taste of coffee. The art of assemblages, subtle mix of different wines, is a work of expert. Each day, before, during and after roasting, these experts test, dripping and compare the cafes to offer you the best creations of the world.