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Panna Cotta tonka bean, coffee emulsion


For 6 People

- Preparation time: 15min

- Cooking Time: 5min

- time to rest: 45min


For the panna cotta:

- 2 sheets of gelatin 2g

- 40cl of liquid cream full

- 60g powdered sugar

- 1 tonka bean

For the emulsion:

- 25cl of liquid cream full

- 15g of 1851 milled Legal the taste

- 25g powdered sugar

For the panna cotta:
Put the gelatine to soften in the cold water. Heat 20 cl of liquid cream with 60 g of sugar and 1/4 tonka bean grating. Then add the drained gelatin as well as the rest of liquid cream. Sink the all in small verrine recipes and put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

For the emulsion:
Achieve the espresso coffee, add the sugar and then leave to cool. Once the coffee at ambient temperature, add to the liquid cream and then pour in a siphon. Close, add the gas and book in the refrigerator for 10 min. At the last moment, add the emulsion on the panna cotta and serve immediately.

The trick of the leader: the panna cotta can be flavored with different spices (cinnamon, liquorice...)

Spéculoos Tiramisu

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For 6 persons
- Preparation time: 30min
- time to rest: 1h

20g of cocoa powder, not mellitus
15g of 1851 milled Legal the taste
10cl of liquid cream full
80g of mascarpone
3 yellow of eggs
24 spéculoos
50g powdered sugar
3cl of alcohol of juniper

For the sabayon: fit the liquid cream into whipped cream.
In a bowl of drummer, blanch the egg yolks and the sugar to obtain a mixture sparkling wine and well White. Add the mascarpone and then whipped cream. Book the costs.

Achieve the equivalent of a coffee elongated.
Mix the coffee with the alcohol of juniper, in soak slightly the spéculoos then alternate in the verrine recipes the layers of biscuits and layers of sabayon mascarpone.
Book cool during 20 min, then sprinkle of bitter cocoa and serve.

The trick of the Leader:
If you prepare this recipe in a family meal, leave the tiramisu at least 1 hour to the fees!

coffee ice cream

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For 6 persons
Preparation time: 15min
Cooking time: 20min

- 50cl of whole milk
- 100g powdered sugar
- 4 egg yolks
- 30g of glucose syrup
- 30g of black coffee milled legal the taste
- 40g of milk powder
- 65g of butter Sweet
- 15cl of liquid cream full

For the 75cl of ice:
achieve the equivalent of 2 espresso coffee.
Bring together all the ingredients in a cul-de-hen, then place the container in a bain-marie. Bring the mixture to 84°C, then the cool to 4 °C. Then leave to maturer during 24 h. Cream machine, then book in the freezer.

The trick of the leader:
This ice will be able to come to the accompaniment of a tiramisu or simply be
tasted in a cup with the Chantilly. Glucose is a sugar syrup that brings a particular texture. You can replace by honey or by an equivalent quantity of sugar but there may be slight variations from holding or of conservation.